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Are you thinking about changing career direction, or looking for guidance on developing within your current industry or organisation? Have you been out of the job market for a while through redundancy or life changes and need a bit of help and direction to move forward? Have you identified that you need support with your CV or interview skills?


Or maybe you run an SME or other business and need support with your employees’ careers coaching or supportive redundancy programmes.

What can Synergy Career Management do for you?

Working with both individuals and organisations, Synergy Career Management can:

  • Help you to change career, taking you on a journey from uncertainty about your present career and not knowing what your next step might be, through to having a clear vision of a career that is absolutely right for you, and a plan for how to create it.
  • Help you to develop within your career, enabling you to actively manage your career choices, development and performance.
  • Help you to re-enter the job market, for example, after time out following redundancy or a career break. We offer a range of redundancy outplacement programmes, and also ‘pick and mix’ information and guidance options if you just need a bit of support.
  • Help you to support your employees in their career development or help you to manage the redundancy support process to best enable them to move forwards with their careers.

Synergy Career Management is distinctive because we work with the whole person, not just a topic; working from the inside out to explore, dream, and discover a future where you can reach your full professional and personal potential.

Who do Synergy Career Management work with?

Working with professionals at all levels from a wide range of industries and career areas, what our clients have in common is that they are all highly motivated to get the most that they can out of their lives and careers. They are keen to understand themselves, their values and passions, their innate strengths and favourite skills; and to face and overcome obstacles and challenges, in order to achieve for themselves a life and career which truly reflects who they are. Does this sound like you?

What is ‘career management’

Your ‘career’ might best be defined as the work and life roles you take on over your lifespan. As our working lives become more flexible and changeable, more and more professionals are seeking to manage their careers through a process of preparing, implementing and monitoring career plans.
Your career plan might include coaching and guidance as you move through your organisation. It might start with redundancy support or CV support if you’re a new or returning worker. We will help you to build your career plan – and your career.

“From a little spark may burst a mighty flame”

Dante Alighieri